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TEDx Talk … What Your Momma Never Told You About Pregnancy


TEDx Talk Marianne Ryan PT Some of you may know that I did a TED x Talk last month and I have been waiting to hear if it was accepted by the Ted Talk committee. I am so excited because it was published yesterday! The name of the talk is “What Your Momma Never Told

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Empowered Pregnancy Summit


I am so excited to be part of the Empowered Pregnancy Summit hosted by my friend, Krystina Sloan.  Those of you who know me, know my commitment to mothers having a conscious, pleasant and strong pregnancy and birth.  That is why I chose to participate in this summit. Please join me and other experts as we

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C-Section Recovery 13 Great Tips

Classic cesarean section in the operating theater.

Writer Julie Revelant, a health journalist, interviewed Marianne Ryan PT in an article for FOXNEWS.com that gives 13 tips to use when recovering from a C-Section Delivery. Here is the outline of the tips: Take your prescribed painkillers.  Take probiotics.
 Learn how to care for the incision.
 Ask your provider about massage techniques which can help

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Every Mom Needs Physical Therapy

Pregnancy Back pain

Julie Revelant who is a health journalist wrote an interesting article for FOXNEWS.com stressing that every mom needs and deserves to have physical therapy treatment after childbirth. Revelant compares the American medical care system to other countries, like France. In the US most people assume a woman’s body will magically “snap back together” 6 weeks after

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When is it Safe to Return to High Impact Exercises After Childbirth?

Young woman running outdoors in a city park on a cold fall/winter day (motion blurred image)

Many new mothers feel they have to do high impact workouts in order to build up a sweat, get fit, burn fat and lose baby weight. However, high impact exercise is a common cause of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), or wetting yourself when you exercise/cough/sneeze, particularly in postnatal women. Fiona Rodgers who is an Australian physiotherapist  wrote a

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Baby Bod Book Review

book cover design

Cassandra McCann did a wonderful book review of Baby Bod – Turn Flab to Fab in 12 Weeks Flat on her website, www.CassandraM’sPlace. <Thanks Cassandra!> To read the review CLICK HERE

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New Study Shows Physical Therapy Treatment for Infertility Can Help Women Get Pregnant


Bet you didn’t know that physical therapy can help infertility. A new study published in the Alternative Therapies Journal shows that using a special physical therapy technique is less expensive and not as invasive as traditional fertility treatment.  40 to 60 percent of the women in this study experienced success in getting pregnant. Infertility can

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NY1 Common Post Pregnancy Problems Baby Bod

NY1 Image

NY1’s Kristen Shaughnessy recently interviewed Marianne Ryan and looks at ways new moms can work on getting their pre-baby body back soon after delivery and how certain exercises could help prevent common Post-Pregnancy problems.   Click on the image below to view the interview When you are pregnant, you are under the watchful eye of

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How to Deal With Blocked Milk Ducts

Breastfeeding Baby

Physical Therapist Marianne Ryan explains what causes blocked milk ducts and mastitis, and offers advice on how nursing mothers can prevent and treat it. A normal part of nursing is experiencing fullness in the breasts, which occurs as the breasts fill up with milk. This can be uncomfortable, but serves as a sign that it

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Infertility Physical Therapy Treatment Late Night Health Radio

Late Night Health Radio

Infertility How can Physical Therapy Help? Marianne Ryan is a regular guest on Mark Alyn’s radio show Late Night Health. Mark is a well-known and award-winning radio host based in Los Angeles and his show is broadcast on many major radio stations. On the latest episode Marianne Ryan and Mark Alyn discuss how Physical Therapy

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