Young woman running outdoors in a city park on a cold fall/winter day (motion blurred image)

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When is it Safe to Return to High Impact Exercises After Childbirth?

Young woman running outdoors in a city park on a cold fall/winter day (motion blurred image)

Many new mothers feel they have to do high impact workouts in order to build up a sweat, get fit, burn fat and lose baby weight. However, high impact exercise is a common cause of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), or wetting yourself when you exercise/cough/sneeze, particularly in postnatal women. Fiona Rodgers who is an Australian physiotherapist  wrote a

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Baby Wearing – The Best Way to Fit Front Baby Carriers

Mother with a newborn baby in a baby carrier

  Marianne Ryan explains the benefits of baby wearing. She offers clear instructions on the right way to fit a front baby carrier to avoid back and shoulder strain.   Why Baby Wearing is Beneficial for Both Mom and Baby Baby wearing can be beneficial for both mom and baby because it helps build a

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New Parents: Preventing Aches and Pains by Lifting Baby Safely

New Parents Happy young mother lifting baby from crib at home

Author and Physical Therapist, Marianne Ryan shows you how to avoid back and neck pain that can be caused by the repetitive lifting of a new baby. If you were to stop and count the number of times you lift your baby every day you’d probably be surprised at how high the number is. Although

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Prevent Incontinence: Don’t Do Sit-Ups!


Prevent Incontinence: Don’t Do Sit-Ups! Published by the National Association for Continence. From the October 2013 issue of Quality Care® For most of us, abdominal crunches are on life’s list of things we know we really should do, but are not really that much fun – like flossing our teeth or sprinkling flax seeds on everything

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Fit Moms have Healthier Babies

Pregnant Woman on Ball

Fit Moms have healthier babies. More positive reasons for Moms to continue to exercise during pregnancy. Remember to consult with your Physical Therapist to develop a appropriate prenatal exercise program for you. Very interesting article from the Daily Mail in the UK Women who stay fit during pregnancy could help their babies develop healthy hearts,

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Healthy Wealthy and Smart November 4th to November 8th


Healthy Wealthy and Smart- a Virtual conference for Physical therapists I am happy to invite you to an online event that will bring together 20 experts in physical therapy, business, nutrition and mindfulness that will help to bring your physical therapy career to the next level.   Please join me here My colleague Karen Litzy,

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How to deal with the six pack spread from pregnancy

good mommy tummy 2x3

Excellent article from today’s Wall Street Journal by Sarah Nassauer on how to deal with the six pack spread from pregnancy. Click here to read The issue of baby weight hangs heavy on the minds of many postpartum women, with images of famous moms like the impossibly fit model Gisele Bündchen, who had her second

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Wall Street Journal TV LunchBreak: Postpartum Baby Bod Recovery


“Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight” Most women are obsessed with getting their postpartum “baby bod” back into shape as quickly as many celebrities do these days. What most women do not realize is that pregnancy and the rigors of childbirth can put significant strain on muscles and bones. These changes may have life

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Victoria Beckham Causes Shoulder Pain? "Poshitis"?

Physical Therapy Shoulder Massage - Myofascial Release

Do you have shoulder pain? Maybe you can blame it on Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer,  and known as Posh Spice. Victoria Beckham is a known fashion trendsetter and her signature look of carrying a huge designer bag may not be such a good idea. Large bags can pull down on your shoulder and neck

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Ergonomic Parenting: Best Ways to Prepare or Adapt Your Nursery


“The months following the birth of a child are some of the most rewarding for new parents—and the most challenging to a new parent’s body”. Here are some great tips from an article I helped to write for the American Physical Therapy Association on how using proper body mechanics within an ergonomically friendly nursery can

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