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Want a Flat Tummy? Don’t Do Sit-Ups or Crunches (Part 1)

By Marianne Ryan PT, OCS Clinical Director MRPT Physical Therapy Is it your New Year’s resolution to have a nice flat tummy? Think twice before you crunch! I bet you didn’t know that sit ups and crunches can damage your pelvic floor muscles which prevents you from getting that flat tummy look. This blog is

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Constipation During Pregnancy and Postpartum

“Constipation is so common that it’s rare for new moms not to experience it” Wondering when you’ll start to experience constipation? Which foods pack the most fiber and how much do you need? For the full article click here Medical Disclaimer

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Pain in the Jaw? It could be signs of a heart attack.

By Marianne Ryan PT, OCS Since I am a TMJ specialist, I see many patients who complain of jaw pain. One of the most important things we can do as physical therapists is to ask some specific questions during the initial visit to rule out other potential problems. If someone complains of jaw pain I

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9 Simple Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Here are a 9 simple steps you can take lower your cholesterol levels and decrease your heart disease risk. Learn how to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle. Click Here

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Sleep away those extra pounds…

“Just like your body needs sleep to function, your fat cells need sleep too.Turns out, sleepy fat cells are bad for health, TV 10-55′s Katie McGee reports.” To learn how to sleep off those extra pounds CLICK HERE  

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Beware, DIET FOODS can make you gain weight!

Are you on a diet and do you think eating foods labeled low fat, non fat and no sugar are helping you lose weight? Find out how diet foods can actually make you gain weight  Click Here

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Fitness Needs for Every Decade in a Woman’s Life


Great article in Women’s Health section of Web MD breaks down the type of workout you need for each decade in your life. Your 20’s are when you are laying the foundation for your future in terms of your bone density, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health.  “So the more exercise, the better.” During your 30’s

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9 exercises that are a waste of your time!

Woman Lifting Dumbbell

Who has extra time to waste on ineffective or exercises that may hurt you? Here is a list of 9 exercises that are a waste of your time. Learn how to modify these exercises to become more effective and safer to perform. To continue click here.

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