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TEDx Talk … What Your Momma Never Told You About Pregnancy


TEDx Talk Marianne Ryan PT Some of you may know that I did a TED x Talk last month and I have been waiting to hear if it was accepted by the Ted Talk committee. I am so excited because it was published yesterday! The name of the talk is “What Your Momma Never Told

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New Study Shows Physical Therapy Treatment for Infertility Can Help Women Get Pregnant


Bet you didn’t know that physical therapy can help infertility. A new study published in the Alternative Therapies Journal shows that using a special physical therapy technique is less expensive and not as invasive as traditional fertility treatment.  40 to 60 percent of the women in this study experienced success in getting pregnant. Infertility can

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NY1 Common Post Pregnancy Problems Baby Bod

NY1 Image

NY1’s Kristen Shaughnessy recently interviewed Marianne Ryan and looks at ways new moms can work on getting their pre-baby body back soon after delivery and how certain exercises could help prevent common Post-Pregnancy problems.   Click on the image below to view the interview When you are pregnant, you are under the watchful eye of

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Baby Bod Women’s Radio Network Interviews Marianne Ryan

Baby Bod Book

Women’s Radio Network recently interviewed Marianne Ryan about her new book Baby Bod. Lisa Singer, the host of Open Forum, discussed the Baby Bod book with Marianne and they had an discussion on why Marianne decided to write the book and how the book can help women. During the interview Marianne talked about issues facing

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Incontinence Options to help with Bladder Control

LA Times

Incontinence Bladder Control Incontinence: Do you suffer with Incontinence? It might be that you no longer go to see a comedy at the movie theater for fear the laughter will cause an accident. Or you dream of vacationing in another country, but don’t think you could make the long flight without the embarrassment of urinary

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Late Night Health Radio Show Back Pain

Late Night Health Radio

Back Pain : Why do so many people suffer? How can Physical Therapy help?   Marianne Ryan is a regular guest on Mark Alyn’s radio show Late Night Health. Mark is a well-known and award-winning radio host based in Los Angeles and his show is broadcast on many major radio stations.   On the latest

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Wall Street Journal TV LunchBreak: Postpartum Baby Bod Recovery


“Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight” Most women are obsessed with getting their postpartum “baby bod” back into shape as quickly as many celebrities do these days. What most women do not realize is that pregnancy and the rigors of childbirth can put significant strain on muscles and bones. These changes may have life

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Late Night Health Radio Show, Mark Alyn talks with Marianne Ryan

Late Night Health Radio Square

Marianne Ryan was recently interviewed by Mark Alyn for his radio show on Late Night Health Radio. Mark is a well-known and award-winning radio host based in Los Angeles and his show is broadcast on many major radio stations. During the interview on Late Night Health Radio they discussed many aspects about the physical therapy profession.

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Should you have a baby over 40? Essentially Fit Radio Show

Essentially Fit Radio

Marianne was recently interviewed by Wess Murray for his Essentially Fit radio show on the subject of “Should you have a baby over 40?” During the 50 minute show they discussed a number of issues including:   Why you must take care of your joints during pregnancy. Having a 2nd child later in life: what

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Prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) with Better Birthing Techniques.


By Marianne Ryan PT, OCS Clinical Director MRPT Physical Therapy A very common side effect of childbirth is Pelvic Organ Prolapse, POP, some studies show up to 25% of women will develop it at sometime in their life. What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse? POP occurs when organs such as the uterus or bowels slip down

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