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How big is your baby?


I was using some manual physical therapy on a lovely patient earlier today who was very excited about her recent visit with her obstetrician. She was told that her baby was now about the size of a lemon. So, Moma how big is your baby at the moment? The size of a Poppy Seed? a Prune? or

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Cocoa Butter Prevents Stretch Marks: Really?

Pregnant women all around the globe aptly apply cocoa butter all over their bodies during pregnancy to prevent developing stretch marks on their tummies, breasts and thighs. WELL, LADIES, STUDIES SHOW YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME… A very large study performed by dermatologists and obstetricians was published in 2008. It followed 175 women and found

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Reduce Infant Crying at Night by 54%!

busy new mom

WEAR YOUR BABY Why does wearing  your baby while performing house hold chores or running errands for 3 hours a day have extra added benefits? = The power of touch To read the entire article from Mothering.com CLICK HERE Medical Disclaimer

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1 in 10 Women fear Childbirth

Heart on Belly

Did you know that Between 6% and 10% of women suffer from Tocophobia – an intense anxiety or fear of pregnancy or giving birth. More needs to be done to help women who have a morbid dread of childbirth, a condition that affects up to one in 10 women, an expert said today. Click here

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Fitness Needs for Every Decade in a Woman’s Life


Great article in Women’s Health section of Web MD breaks down the type of workout you need for each decade in your life. Your 20’s are when you are laying the foundation for your future in terms of your bone density, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health.  “So the more exercise, the better.” During your 30’s

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Fit Moms Make Smarter Babies

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Hidden Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy = Smarter Babies A growing number of studies reveal that many benefits of exercise during pregnancy are not just for mom, but baby too! The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines state that, “in the absence of either medical or obstetrical complications, 30 minutes or more of moderate

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