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Victoria Beckham Causes Shoulder Pain? "Poshitis"?

shutterstock_106074707Do you have shoulder pain? Maybe you can blame it on Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer,  and known as Posh Spice.

Victoria Beckham is a known fashion trendsetter and her signature look of carrying a huge designer bag may not be such a good idea. Large bags can pull down on your shoulder and neck and cause pain. Doctors have nicknamed the shoulder pain related to carrying large handbags as "Poshitis", and it looks like these women will need physical therapy.

The good news is that according to other fashion experts, large bags are out and smaller bags are now in. Just in time to save millions of women from neck and shoulder pain.

Click here to see GMA video: http://gma.yahoo.com/video/women-risk-poshitis-toting-large-124905771.html

Medical Disclaimer

  • shoulder pain can be difficult to diagnose because the shoulder is a complex structure made up of many different components. Learning shoulder anatomy and symptoms of different types of problems can help you determine what is causing your pain.

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