16 Gifts A New Mom Could Use

The gifts most wanted by new moms.

Gifts Baby Bod

Baby Bod- Turn Flab To Fab in 12 Weeks Flat by Marianne Ryan PT was recently featured in in a list of the 16 gifts a new mom could use.

She has just become a mother! After the whole nine months of waiting, it has arrived, the baby is here and she has officially become a mom of the newly welcomed addition to the family. Where’s the party? Because this is something that must be celebrated!

Once our new mom’s job is done and the baby is finally here, why not shower her in appreciation? Appreciation in the form of lots and lots of gifts. For new moms, there are simply a lot of gifts that can lend her a helping hand and make her newly found maternal responsibilities easier to deal with. We only present you the best ones here.

#1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Not only does it warm bottle but it sanitizes pacifiers.

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#2 Bumpin Blends Smoothie Bundle

Bumpin Blends are pre-blended smoothie cubes designed for pregnancy and motherhood by a team of nutritionists, and are rich in omega-3s, protein, iron, and greens. Each of the 22 blends supports a particular ailment of motherhood — fatigue, trouble sleeping, pregnancy symptoms, mood swings, milk supply, and more.

Mom simply needs to pour a packet of cubes into her blender with some liquid and blend – a 30 second healthy breakfast. Every smoothie bundle comes with 24/7 text support from a nutritionist (who is also a mom!) so she can get all of her nutrition questions answered by an expert at any time.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Baby Bod: Turn Flab to Fab in 12 Weeks Flat!

Let Baby Bod get you into the best shape for delivery and then get your sexy back on as a mom! This revolutionary program, tested on over 2000 women, will give you phenomenal results, even if it’s been years since you had your last child. It’s the first DIY program to bridge the gap between medical care and the special fitness needs of women like you.

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