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9 exercises that are a waste of your time!

Who has extra time to waste on ineffective or exercises that may hurt you? Here is a list of 9 exercises that are a waste of your time. Learn how to modify these exercises to become more effective and safer to perform. To continue click here.

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iSick: How Cell Phones Can Harm Your Health

Think you can’t live without your iPhone or smart phone? With hidden health dangers such as chronic headaches, neck, shoulder pain and E. coli, the question for mobile phone users may be: Can you live with it? To read more click here

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You Don't Need a Lump to Have Breast Cancer

Well written article by Liesl Voosen who shares her experience with a little known and aggressive form of breast cancer.  She discusses how she found out she might have breast cancer by doing a google search and her path of treatment. “A little over a year ago, I had never heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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