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Dad Bods Men Have Baby Bods Too!

Guess what? Moms are not the only ones who gain weight after having a baby!  “DAD BODS” A new study in by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine that was published in the American Journal of Men’s Health proves that men gain weight after the baby comes home. It appears that dads have less time to exercise and

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The Secret to Why French Women Look So Good After Childbirth

French Women Childbirth Secrets

In a recent article published in the blog, Physical Therapist and author, Marianne Ryan explains why French women regain their pre-pregnancy figures so much faster then American women after childbirth. Learn how new moms in the US can prevent long term complications and look and feel better faster after childbirth. Pregnancy isn’t all sunshine

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift


Mother’s Day is next weekend and I bet you are wondering what to buy her this year? Do you want to show her that you really care about her? I have the perfect suggestion; give her a gift that keeps on giving, the Baby Bod Book and Exercise Tracker App. All moms want to look and

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Baby Bod Book Launch April 14, 2015

Baby Bod® is a groundbreaking program that is an effective solution to restore the health and wellness inside and out after giving birth. It is a DIY, step-by-step system that can be started during pregnancy, one day after delivery or even years after becoming a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth isn’t all sunshine and roses. While it

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Baby Wearing – The Best Way to Fit Front Baby Carriers

  Marianne Ryan explains the benefits of baby wearing. She offers clear instructions on the right way to fit a front baby carrier to avoid back and shoulder strain.   Why Baby Wearing is Beneficial for Both Mom and Baby Baby wearing can be beneficial for both mom and baby because it helps build a

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New Parents: Preventing Aches and Pains by Lifting Baby Safely

Author and Physical Therapist, Marianne Ryan shows you how to avoid back and neck pain that can be caused by the repetitive lifting of a new baby. If you were to stop and count the number of times you lift your baby every day you’d probably be surprised at how high the number is. Although

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New Moms – Four Tips for Preventing Constipation

Physical Therapist and author, Marianne Ryan explains why squatting is the best position for emptying your bowels and offers other solutions for constipation. As a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health, and a mother of two, I can tell you one thing most pregnant and postpartum women have in common – constipation! Not only

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Stretch Marks? Here are my Best Tips for Dealing with them

Physical Therapist Marianne Ryan offers advice for dealing with stretch marks to help get your body back in shape as quickly as possible following childbirth. Most new moms are often very concerned about getting their bodies back into shape as soon after giving birth as possible. If you eat the right foods and do the

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What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse and How to Avoid It

Physical Therapist and author, Marianne Ryan explains how doing too much, too soon after childbirth can cause pelvic organ prolapse and offers advice for avoiding it. One of the complications that can develop as a result of childbirth is pelvic organ prolapse, POP for short.This is a condition where organs such as the uterus or

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