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Why Are American Women Dying From Childbirth?

The US has the Highest Maternal Death Rate in any developed country in the world! I bet you didn’t know that… It is hard to believe that in this century, with the advancements in all aspects of our lives from tech, education, research and health, that something as natural as childbirth can be life threatening

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Every Mom Needs Physical Therapy

Julie Revelant who is a health journalist wrote an interesting article for stressing that every mom needs and deserves to have physical therapy treatment after childbirth. Revelant compares the American medical care system to other countries, like France. In the US most people assume a woman’s body will magically “snap back together” 6 weeks after

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Most pregnant women are not sure if they should exercise during pregnancy. interviewed Marianne Ryan PT for an article that encourages pregnant women to workout because it benefits Momma and Baby too! The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends pregnant woman to workout at a moderate intensity for 150 minutes a week to improve over

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