Baby Bod Coaching Program

Baby Bod Coaching Program

Now is the time to start!

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Tell me about it...

In the Baby Bod Coaching Program you will be walked through the best way to prepare for childbirth and learn the fastest and safest way you can get back in shape after becoming a mom... even if it has been years!
You don't need to worry about traveling to see your Baby Bod Coach or even get a babysitter. All coaching is done over the internet!
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Are you wondering if you can do the Baby Bod Coaching Program NOW?

  • If you are PREGNANT, now is the time to learn how to prepare for childbirth and get ready to reclaim your body starting day 1 after you deliver your baby...even if you have a C-Section.
  • If you are a NEW MOM, now is the time to start.
  • And if you are an EXPERIENCED MOM and had your baby years or even decades ago, the Baby Bod Program will help you regain the strength in muscles that were stretched out and strained during your child-birthing experiences.



Many moms find the coaching program helped them to achieve the results they wanted faster.

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"Meeting with my coach on the Internet made it so much easier to get back in shape after becoming a mom." 

All coaching is done on the internet. You will have your very own Certified Baby Bod Coach help you learn this unique program that bridges the gap between medical science and fitness advice.
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I have been told by many moms that the coaching sessions were the key to their success in preparing for childbirth and to getting back in shape.

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Many moms read the book, but found the extra support of the Baby Bod Coaching sessions PRICELESS!

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Here is what Jan had to say:

"After trying the BABY BOD PROGRAM out on my own, I decided I needed more help. I signed up for the coaching program and completed it in just 6 weeks."
"My Baby Bod Coach had a way with words - simple and straightforward but friendly, and she didn't skimp on the important details. We had 3 Skype meetings over a 6 week period and I am so glad I had her support to walk me through the program."
"I got the results I wanted. It was easy. I now feel great and my friends tell me I look fabulous!"

Just think, you can prepare for childbirth or start your recovery right in the comfort of your own home!

Coaching Sessions:

The Baby Bod Coaching Program includes 4 individualized coaching sessions which are 45 minutes long. All 4 sessions should be spread out, and at least one to two weeks apart.
For optimal results, the 4 coaching sessions in the Baby Bod program must be completed within a two month period.


Community Support

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You will also be invited to join the Private Baby Bod Coaching Facebook Group. Meet other moms who are going though the program. Learn tips and get support from moms who have achieved the results they wanted with the Baby Bod Coaching Program.

Here's how to get it now



YES! I want the Baby Bod Coaching Program.

I understand I will receive:

  • The Baby Bod Book in both Paperback and Kindle format.
  • The Baby Bod Exercise Tracker app for your iPhone.
  • Four Coaching Sessions: one-on-one private internet coaching sessions with a Certified Baby Bod Coach to be to be scheduled and completed within a 2 month period.
  • Access to the Private Baby Bod Coaching Facebook Page

This program would normally cost $1557

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Baby Bod - Turn Flab to Fab in 12 Weeks Flat was written by award-winning author and physical therapist, Marianne Ryan who is internationally recognized as a leader in women's health.

The Baby Bod Program will not only make you look better but you will feel great too! Woman need support in getting back into shape after childbirth, let Baby Bod help you be the best you can be.

Money Back Guarantee!

You are entitled to get a 100% refund, minus a shipping and handling fee, if you decide the Baby Bod Program is not for you. All you have to do is let us know within two weeks after you purchase the program or during the first 10 minutes of your first coaching session. You will be refunded your money right away, no strings attached! CLICK HERE for more details.

Don't miss out on this chance to get your body ready for childbirth and then learn the safest and fastest way to reclaim your body after your baby is born!

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