I laughed so hard, I actually peed my pants

"I laughed so hard, I actually peed my pants"


If you think this only happens as you get older, think again!
It’s no laughing matter and it’s more common than you think!

This is called stress urinary incontinence. It's not normal, but it is treatable.

Why does it happen?
In most cases, it is caused by week pelvic floor muscles.

Although it can happen in men, it is more prevalent in women.  Up to 35% of women experience urine leakage while coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise

It’s more common as women age or after pregnancy and child-birth.

What can be done?
Many women are too embarrassed to look for help.

Good news!  We can help you!

Our therapists at MRPT Physical Therapy specialize in treating pelvic floor conditions including urinary incontinence.

We will evaluate your condition and develop a customized treatment program. Most of our pelvic floor strengthening programs includes core strengthening on Pilates equipment and with mat exercise. We will also give you tips on Maternal Fitness.Incontinence

Our experts can help you lead a normal “leak-free” life again

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