Incontinence Options to help with Bladder Control

Incontinence Bladder Control

Incontinence: Do you suffer with Incontinence? It might be that you no longer go to see a comedy at the movie theater for fear the laughter will cause an accident. Or you dream of vacationing in another country, but don't think you could make the long flight without the embarrassment of urinary incontinence.

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Problems with incontinence, the loss of bladder control, are not gender specific. Both men and women can suffer from problems that end in leaking or wetting and interrupting the way you live and socialize says Marianne Ryan, PT, OCS clinical Director of MRPT Physical Therapy and spokeswoman for the American Physical  Therapy Association. Fewer people are aware that physical therapy treatment also helps when men have incontinence, she says.

The physical therapy available for incontinence is designed for both women and men and Ryan says the appointments take place in a private room and starts with a history, a thorough biomechanical evaluation as well as finding out the severity of the problem.

Patients can expect an external evaluation that helps the Physical Therapist see if there are any areas where alignment is off, muscle weakness in other areas, decreased flexibility or nerve issues from the back to the feet. Next is the internal evaluation that involves looking for muscle tenderness and pain through manual finger palpitation.

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