Moms, here are the answers to questions you were too afraid to ask about your lady parts

Moms, here are the answers to questions you were too afraid to ask about your lady parts.

Gussie Grips (aka Elaine Miller) a Women’s Health Physiotherapist takes on the Edinburgh Fringe with a very entertaining performance. She talks about how many women suffer in silence with an epidemic that is world wide, it’s embarrassing to talk about and easier for some to just accept it as part of what to expect from childbirth. Gussie shares a little secret; it is curable in as little as 5 physiotherapy visits! Wow!

What is she talking about? Leaking urine, pee or wee.

Her motto is: Laugh, don’t leak.

Elaine does give some good sound advice on what can go wrong with your lady parts, and how to improve the function by doing very simple pelvic floor exercises (you don’t have to do them at a gym, just during your everyday activities, like when you brush your teeth).

As an added bonus, she promises that these exercises will improve your sex life, better orgasms in just two weeks!

About Elaine Miller (aka Gussie Grips) @gussiegrips

Elaine MillerElaine Miller is an Edinburgh based physiotherapist with a post-grad in sports medicine. She turned her back on a career of world travel with fit young men after three giant-headed babies broke her bits and triggered a fascination with pelvic floors and the science of continence.

It is her belief that humor can break down the taboo surrounding incontinence - a third of women aged 35-55 wet themselves but few talk about it, never mind seek help, which is a shame as most cases of simple stress incontinence can be cured with pelvic floor exercises.

Elaine uses twitter as a training tool (@gussiegrips, "I tweet, you twitch your twinkle"). Her enthusiasm brought her onto the stage of her first Edinburgh Fringe Show about pelvic floors. She has a great sense of humor and is passionate about spreading the very easy, inexpensive way to stop urine leakage and to develop better sexual responses. It is evidence-based practice disguised as scatological humor, and the only comedy show in Edinburgh, which genuinely doesn't want you to piss yourself laughing

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