Insurance and Payment

At MRPT Physical Therapy we believe quality patient care is paramount. We want to provide you with the highest possible level of care.

We offer a concierge service.
We aim to see all patients at their appointed time, you will not be kept waiting.

All of our treatments sessions typically last about 60 minutes and are conducted in private treatments rooms with one of our highly skilled and experienced therapists who fully understands your particular condition and will provide you with the personalized one on one attention and treatment you deserve.
We do not use junior aides or assistants.
In order to provide this level of care we are not in network with any insurance plans.

Most insurances that have out of network coverage will typically reimburse 70/80% of our billed charges after you have met your deductible. We may accept assignment (direct payment) from certain CIGNA PPO insurance plans. As a courtesy to you we can submit insurance claims on your behalf.

For more information on insurance and our financial policies click HEREInsurance

Here are some questions that you want to ask your insurance company
1. Do I have out of network benefits?
2. Do I need any pre-authorization for treatment?
3. Do I have an out of network deductible?
4. What percentage of my treatment costs will you cover?
5. Does my policy reimburse at “Usual and Customary” rates?
6. Do I have a maximum number of treatments each year?
7. Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?