The ideal product to aid Postpartum Recovery and a solution for common problems as Diastasis Recti, Pubic Symphysis Separation, Pelvic Pain, Lumbar Instability and Weak Core Muscles.

Can be used while performing your Baby Bod® exercises



slider-image-1This Sacroiliac Belt offers additional support to the pelvis especially after childbirth or, an episode of back pain.
Use this belt to relieve aches and pains in the pelvis and lower back.

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is the only belt designed to normalize the function of the sacroiliac joint.
-Non-elastic layer mimics action of ligaments
-Additional elastic layer provides compression and helps maintain correct posture
-No irritating buckles or pads
-Does not replace muscle function - Improves muscle function - Increases strength throughout the body
-Can be worn for extended periods without causing muscle weakness or atrophy

Additional information

What size am I?

WHERE DO I MEASURE? 1.Place your hands on the sides of your hips and move your legs. 2.You will find the tops of your leg bones, called trochanters, move under your hands. 3.Gently dig into your leg with your fingers and find the tops of your trochanters. 4.On front of your pelvis, on each side, you will find a bony point called Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS) just below your waist. 5.Measure two inches above the tops of your trochanters, just below the ASISs.


S (30" to 34"), M (34"- 40"), L (40"- 46"), XL (47"- 52")

Return Policy

Exchanges/returns must be received within 30 days from the date of purchase. The full refund will be issued only if the merchandise is in "unused" condition minus shipping. If there is any sign of usage, wear, or marks, a re-stocking fee of $10 will be applied. All products are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for 90 days. Serola Biomechanics will repair, replace, or refund sales price upon its discretion.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash only. Hot or cold water. Rinse well in cold water to remove soap residue from the small open cells in the foam. Line dry.


“After childbirth 147 patients used a pelvic belt. Of these patients 10% reported more pain, 23% no effect, & 67% a positive effect.” J.M.A. Mens, et al 1992