TMJ and Headaches

Tmj And HeadachesTMJ and Headaches

TMJ, Jaw pain

Do you suffer from TMJ pain?
Are you dealing with mind numbing headaches that have a negative effect on your life?
Do you want the best possible TMJ treatment?

At MRPT Physical Therapy our therapists are specialists in the treatment of TMJ pain as well as other causes of headaches and migraines.

Also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, it is a condition involving pain or tenderness in the muscles and/or joint that control jaw movement, with the pain sometimes referring beyond these areas.
TMJ can lead to a variety of issues in addition to headaches, including ear pain, jaw clicking, dizziness, and tinnitus. It may be hard to believe, but hundreds of thousands of people suffer from this problem.

At MRPT Physical Therapy we are experts at a variety of options to treat TMJ problems including, but not exclusive to:

Manual Therapy Techniques, such as soft tissue massage (myofascial release and trigger point release), joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, strain-counter strain, craniofacial, visceral mobilization, etc.)
Exercises to address Muscle Imbalances
Postural Assessment and Correction
Pilates Exercise Programs
With the right therapy we can help you control your TMJ dysfunction and the symptoms associated with this painful disorder.


We are headache specialists. Many people suffer from headaches, and while it’s common to have this problem from time to time, if it persists or you are having regular pain it is time to find a treatment option that works.

Many people are surprised to find that their headaches can be caused by numerous factors, including stiff joints in the head and neck as well as muscle imbalances. Through the proper physical therapy program, you can begin to eliminate headaches from your life and begin to feel better in no time at all.

Our Approach is Holistic and Includes:

Overall assessment of your body and health history
Information regarding any treatments you have had in the past
The use of multiple therapies including: myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, strain-counter strain, visceral mobilization, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue massage, and craniosacral mobilization.

If your headaches are a result of TMJ or if you are dealing with this issue as a result of another problem, we are here to help.

I had a severe TMJ problem that was misdiagnosed for many years. I highly recommend and thank these 2 professionals who are in the process of curing my problem. The combination of my TMJ specialist dentist and a Physical Therapy practice that specializes in TMJ treatment works for me.
– Ann , review on (TMJ)

At Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy we have been serving the community for over 30 years. We are specialists in the treatment of Women’s Heath, Prenatal and Postpartum, TMJ, Headaches and Orthopedic conditions such as Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Hip and Pelvis Pain and Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain.

We offer a concierge service where you will be seen on time, in private treatment rooms by a highly experienced Physical Therapist who fully understands and knows how to treat your particular condition.
We only see 1 patient at a time and each treatment session lasts about 60 minutes. So you will get the Physical Therapy treatment and attention you deserve.

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