The Practice

Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy

Privately owned Physical Therapy Practice, we have been serving the community for over 30 years.

We offer a concierge service where you will be seen on time, in private treatment rooms by a highly experienced Physical Therapist who fully understands and knows how to treat your particular condition.
We only see 1 patient at a time and each treatment session lasts about 60 minutes. So you will get the treatment and attention you deserve.

OrthopedicPersonalized Treatment Designed Exclusively for You

Whether you come to us with a sports injury, TMJ problem, persistent back pain, or are pregnant and just want to feel better, we will design a program that is specifically for you and your needs.

  • Total Privacy- This is not a gym. Instead we think of our office as a physical therapy spa where our clients’ comfort and privacy is completely respected.
  • Highly Experienced and Competent - Our staff is culled from the top physical therapists in NYC, each with a list of specific specialties and skills that enable use to match you to the right therapist.
  • A Deep Relationship with Patients - We look at the whole person (not just a knee, an arm or a back) to discover the “underlying” reasons for your pain; not just a Band-Aid for your pain.