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We are a leading Physical Therapy Practice providing fast and effective pain relief for women offering both in person and Telehealth treatments

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Take your recovery seriously with our physical therapy offerings

We offer private physical therapy sessions at our office, in your home or via Telehealth.

Women's health

Women’s unique biology and physiology can contribute to a wide range of symptoms from menses through menopause.

Prenatal and Postpartum

We believe prenatal and postpartum physical therapy treatment during and after pregnancy is an essential component in healthy living.

Blocked Milk Ducts

If a mother is unable to clear a blocked milk duct on her own, physical therapy intervention has proven to be very helpful.


We diagnose, repair and rehabilitate the underlying causes of pain to promote long-term healing, strength and flexibility

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Serving for over 30 years

We are specialists in the Physical Therapy treatment of Women's health

Whether you come to us with a sports injury, TMJ problem, persistent back pain, or are pregnant and just want to feel better, we will design a program that is specifically for you and your needs.

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We put our patients first

We design treatment programs catered to your unique needs. We believe everyone we work with deserves top quality care. Your health is the foundation of your life, and you are the foundation of our business mission.

"Marianne Ryan helped me recovery post pregnancy. The visits were efficient and useful, and her book was also extremely helpful."

Lucy W.

"Marianne was great- she calmed me down after a scary episode of what I realized was pelvic floor dysfunction and set up a plan to help reverse it. She also gave me a copy of her book and tools to bring home to help me treat it on my own as well. I will be coming back soon."

Li B.

"Marianne was punctual, very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough with the service provided. She took the time necessary to resolve the issue at hand. I would highly recommend her."

Patricia C.

In response to health and safety guidelines

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In response new health and safety guidelines, we are not offering virtual care. Our process has changed, but our care for you hasn't. For your health and safety, your physical therapy sessions can now start with a virtual telehealth consultation

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Program for pregnant and postpartum women

Let Baby Bod® get you into the best shape for delivery and then get your sexy back on as a mom!

Access decades of experience and medically proven techniques from, Marianne Ryan, PT, OCS, a leader in physical therapy and women's health

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