Why Lady Gaga Is Not So “HIP”


By Marianne Ryan PT, OCS
Clinical Director MRPT Physical Therapy

So the hot news is that Lady Gaga canceled all of her tour dates due to a hip injury called a labral tear. She will need to have surgery before she can return to her non-stop dancing performances.

Rehab is not going to be a piece of cake. Lady Gaga will typically need to walk with crutches for several weeks followed by several months of intense physical therapy to recover and get back into shape.

What is a hip labral tear?

The labrum is soft elastic tissue or cartilage that surrounds the socket part of the hip joint. It forms the outside rim around the hard boney portion of the hip joint and allows flexibility and leg movement.

What caused Lady Gaga’s injury? Was it her crazy shoes?

Normally the labrum can take a lot of wear and tear but some people, especially women, are more prone to injuries. Damage can occur after repetitive movement that involves hip rotation and twisting, especially at the extreme end ranges of motion. Since she is know for her intense performances and flamboyant outfits I think there may have been more then one reason why she developed a tear in her hip. Wearing shoes with ridiculously high heels can decrease the base of support and cause a loss of balance and severe rotational strain on the hips. So, even though her show stopping dance performances were the likely cause of her injury, her choice in shoes definitely added fuel to the fire.


Will Lady Gaga be able to return to the stage and dance again?

Yes, if she follows through with an intense physical therapy program and stays away from repetitive dance moves that requires the upper part of her body to rotate on top of her hip joint.

What other activities will Lady Gaga need to stay away from in the future?

Any activity that puts repetitive rotational forces or extreme strain on the hip can cause a labral tear or further damage, for example excessive running, soccer, golf and even some yoga poses.

Believe it or not, Lady Gaga will have to be careful not to injure her hips if she ever delivers a baby. (No, this is not the start of a rumor that Lady Gaga is about to become a mother!)
Precautions should be taken during childbirth to prevent mothers from tearing their hip labrum during delivery.
Bet you didn’t know that.
During delivery if a women’s hips are forcibly positioned in extreme rotation she is at risk of tearing her labrum. Lying on your back and having your husband help the doctor by pulling your legs into an extreme frog leg position is not a good idea. Better birthing positions that put less strain on your hip joint include squatting, side-lying, standing, and on your hands and knees.

Good luck Lady Gaga! I am sure you will have a fabulous recovery if you make sure to listen and follow the instructions your physical therapist gives you.