Patient Testimonials

People like to say nice things!

At Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy, we believe quality patient care is paramount. We want to provide you with the highest possible level of care.

"Marianne Ryan helped me recovery post pregnancy. The visits were efficient and useful, and her book was also extremely helpful."

Lucy W.

"Very nice and relaxing environment. Marianne and Barbara are the most amazing PT's ever. They make you feel very comfortable and they are both very patient and caring. Would highly recommend for all your physical therapy needs."

Gitty K.

"Marianne was great- she calmed me down after a scary episode of what I realized was pelvic floor dysfunction and set up a plan to help reverse it. She also gave me a copy of her book and tools to bring home to help me treat it on my own as well. I will be coming back soon."

Li B.

"I had an excellent experience working with Marianne via telemedicine from my home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was able to diagnose my issues remotely and over a series of sessions, provide me with an exercise program I can do from home with limited equipment. She provided very clear instruction and I started to see the impact of my sessions within a few short weeks. I highly recommend her."

Megan S.

"Marianne has been a tremendous help in fixing the muscle spasms in my neck and back. Her techniques have proven to decrease pain and stress and she has provided me with several techniques I can do at home. She also has allowed me to bring my 7 month old daughter in to play so that I can accommodate my schedule. I highly recommend her!"

Liz M.

"I’ve had the most god awful series of recurring mastitis so after being on my 3rd round of antibiotics I saw Marianne out of sheer desperation. She was so caring and really understanding of what I was going through and her skill of using the ultrasound and hand massage was incredible. I’ll have to say it was the quickest relief I’ve felt since my postpartum. She def put me in the right direction to heal properly."

Sherril W.

"I rarely write reviews but need to take the time out to write one for Marianne. I emailed her office on a Tuesday night, in tears and in pain desperately looking for relief (post partum lactation issues). Not only did they get back to me that night, I had an appointment scheduled for the next day."

Jennifer H.

"Marianne was punctual, very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough with the service provided. She took the time necessary to resolve the issue at hand. I would highly recommend her."

Patricia C.

"Marianne is a wonderfully intuitive therapist who can identify, treat and educate you to take care of injuries whether you are a pregnant mother or 50 year old man like myself. Importantly she prescribed exercises and movements that strengthen your body’s systems and broader musculature needed to support weaker areas. Over time my back problems and spasms have been softer and more tolerable. Mainly I can be proactive and manage it with periodic treatment."

Christopher W.