Sean “Diddy” Combs reveals...he was a bed wetter

Puff Daddy Diddy

By Marianne Ryan PT, OCS
Clinical Director MRPT Physical Therapy

Learn why "Diddy" Wet His Bed as a Kid. He reveals this to Ellen DeGeneres and he blames it on Koolaid." (

“I grew up as a Kool-Aid kid. I never drank water. I used to pour a half a pound of sugar into the Kool-Aid. Besides it having me bouncing off the walls, I used to be a bed wetter...So I went on this quest to stop wetting the bed... when I stopped drinking sugary-chemical filled drinks, like Koolaid, I didn't wet the bed... it was, like, one of the greatest days of my life.”


Believe it or not, urinary incontinence can be cured by some very simple steps like avoiding foods and drinks that can act as irritants to your bladder or staying well hydrated.

Consuming foods or drinks that cause the walls of the bladder to become irritated may cause uncontrollable bladder contractions leading to urinary leakage. Some of the beverages to avoid are drinks that have chemicals in it, caffeine, carbonated beverages, alcohol and acidic juices, such as orange juice and cranberry juice. Foods that are best to cut down on are chocolate, tomatoes, spicy foods and fruits high in acid like strawberries, pineapples and grapefruits. More often then not, urine leakage is more related to diet than a full bladder.

Staying well hydrated will keep your urine diluted and decrease the concentration of irritants in your bladder. So don’t skip fluids to prevent leakage. While there’s is no exact formula for how much water you should drink, drink enough to quench your thirst. When you are healthy and hydrated, your bladder will naturally fill and signal that is should be emptied every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day. You may find it helpful to cut back on drinking fluids a few hours before bed for an uninterrupted night of sleep.

There are several other causes of urinary incontinence, such as weak pelvic floor muscles and a good Pelvic Physical Therapist will be able to help you restore those muscles. If you have any questions about our Incontinence Physical Therapy Treatment Program, do not hesitate to call and make an appointment.