Birthing Preparation

To better prepare for labor, we offer a birthing preparation program ideal for the few months before you deliver. We have found that getting mothers prepared for childbirth’s physical rigors best prepares them for an optimal birthing experience.

We use various techniques such as:

  • Manual Therapy to your pelvis, spine, and coccyx to achieve the most favorable boney alignment to enhance pelvic mobility during labor.
  • Soft Tissue Release to the pelvis muscles, hips, and back reduces muscle spasms that can interfere with a quicker delivery. Some of the very safe techniques we use include Strain-Counterstrain, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Release.
  • Diaphragmatic Release of both the breathing muscle and the pelvic diaphragm to ensure optimal functioning during labor.
  • Biofeedback is used to help find the best birthing positions for your delivery. Biofeedback sensors are placed on your pelvic floor, and your therapist will be able to show you the positions where your pelvic floor is more relaxed, which will determine the best position to deliver your baby. Some women are surprised that side-lying or even standing might be the best childbirth positions after biofeedback analysis.

Along with birthing preparation, we also teach you what you should do during the first few weeks after delivery. Most women are told not to do any exercises and are given very little advice.

We will give you some suggestions on what you should be doing the first 6 weeks after delivery.

You will also learn:

  • What to include in your hospital overnight bag
  • A few easy exercises will put you a step ahead of other mothers who are told not to exercise for the first 6 weeks postpartum.
  • You will be given some tips on how to prevent injuries during those delicate few weeks after delivery.

A good physical therapy program can prevent many complications related to pregnancy and delivery.